Interview and talk about the work of the anacha queer collective „Severas Flores“ (Bogota/Colombia)

We warmly recommend an interview  we did and the recording of a talk with a comrade from the anarcha queer collective named „severas flores“ .

In the interview we talked about their perspectives on what is going on in columbian society and the work they do.

The recording of the event which took place at the 23.02.24 in the space called „adi“ in Leipzig (West) was announced as followed:

The Experience of Colectiva Libertaria Severas Flores (Bogota, Kolumbien) and the power of anarcha-queer radicalization.

What does Latin American organized queer anarchism look like? In this event we will discuss the experience of Bakatá (COL) based organization Colectica Libertaria Severas Flowers.

The main points of the discussion will be the process of radicalization, the relevance of KUIR-theory and the uses of popular education in organized anarchism.

You can find the interview as the recording at our blog: