Let’s take care of each other, so we can be dangerous together


The Antifa-East trial is a far-reaching blow of the state against the entire left-wing radical and anti-fascist movement. We are aware of this and are generally in solidarity with those affected by repression. In the course of this trial and the Soli campaign, some shitty information about patriarchal behavior of some of the accused and their environment came to light, which stunned us. We have to draw a line here and ask, if a common basis in terms of content exists and whether we have it at all. We have to declare ourselves clearly and critically towards certain persons and their patriarchal behavior, towards perpetrators as well as the perpetrator-protecting environment.

It is possible and necessary to criticize and to continue to fight against repression. In addition to the Soli-Antifa-Ost alliance, we also want to call other structures in different cities to account. With all the criticism, frustration and doubts that we have, this case of repression is one that must not remain unanswered by us and instead must be accompanied critically in solidarity. We take the slogan: „Althought some have been hit, all of us were meant“ seriously! And we will also react together to every further repressive strike against antifascists. We commit ourselves to militant anti-fascism! We commit ourselves to an active anti-racism!

We have decided to organize an anti-patriarchal block, which will be the front of the Day X demo at the end of the ongoing Antifa-East trail. We take the space we deserve and counter the image of the male antifa heroes (macker) with our ideas of feminist, anti-patriarchal and anti-state militancy and anti-fascism.

The term anti-patriarchal bloc contradicts our actual assumption that the entire demo should have understood that positioning themselves anti-patriachal is a necessity. Even though we see the principles as a benchmark for the entire demo, the recent events have shown that the concept is still necessary.

Antifa does not work without feminism

Fascism, racism and patriarchal oppression, like all relations of domination, are closely linked. The struggle against fascism must therefore include the struggle against patriarchy. A common practice with the only commonality of wanting to attack Nazis is not enough for us. In our anti-fascist practice, we must also talk about patriarchal behavior among ourselves. As correctly analyzed in the Red Aid statement at the end of last year: The betrayal did not begin with Domhöver’s statements! The betrayal starts with every assault, every rape! (1)

We have to build structures we trust in and in which we know each other as well as our relationships well and keep an eye on them. We must intervene when we notice patriarchal behavior among our companions. We do not allow sexualized violence in our structures. We confront and fight perpetrators of sexualized violence. We want them to be afraid and know that their actions will not go unanswered. We found the linked discussion and action proposal inspiring². (2)

Our solidarity against state, patriarchy and repression

Patriarchal violence also manifests itself in state institutions such as the judiciary. They represent the power of the state and the norms of this society, such as patriarchal and racist violence, classism and exploitation. The judiciary as well as the courts are permeated by a patriarchal order in which the judge (as the patriarch) arbitrates and punishes, the prosecution accuses, and the accused have nothing to say. The justice system is based on extremely sexist and racist laws created by white cis-hetero men. Yet it claims to be objective in a patriarchal logic. There is supposed to be only punishment to resolve conflicts. We FLINTAs and Queers are opposed by the state because of our bodies, sexuality, alledged psychological characteristics, anti-fascism and militancy that deviate from the norm. The first prisons were ones for women for chastising deviant behavior.

Thus repression was first already historically directed against women (and those seen as women) and Queers. At the same time, sexual violence is trivialized and alienated by the justice system, which they declare to be objectively judged, but rapists are almost never convicted. This is not linked to the demand for increased prosecution, but reveals structural dimensions of patriarchy in the state.

The Antifa-East trial and JD’s statements clearly shows again how sexualized violence is presented in a trivializing and denying manner. How sexist and retraumatizing the handling of the sexual criminal proceedings for the affected person was, has been described in detail in the article „Zum Sexualstrafverfahren gegen den Kronzeugen Johannes Domhöver“³ (3). The closing of ranks between state and internal violence was manifested in the fact that for a long time there was knowledge of the perpetration of JD and the wider environment. This knowledge was not acted upon, and people were covered up. Two years after the perpetration of JD became known, there is an explicit statement from the cis-men of the Soli-Antifa-Ost, it took them two fucking years!⁴ (4)

So we will not stop fighting the state and its laws, fascists and patriarchal pigs. We want the fear to change sides! Therefore, our feminism can only be anti-state. Our solidarity and struggle against repression must be feminist.

So we are in solidarity with those who are affected by state repression because of their anti-fascism, because we as feminist anti-fascists are affected as well. The repression is directed against us as a movement.

Feminist & militant organizing against the state and patriarchy!

Feminist militant organizing has a history, we have always been there, sometimes more sometimes less visible. For us, militancy is no end in itself, but a legitimate means in the struggle against exploitation and oppression. We do not want to fall prey to a fetish of violence and therefore consider very carefully when we choose which means to achieve our goals. This includes weighing the risks of repression, injury to uninvolved persons, proportionality of violence, etc. We talk about repression and jail in our environment, about fears, needs and measures in dealing with repression.

With consensus and mindfulness among ourselves, we build binding structures. We take time to pay attention to different needs and abilities and to talk about safety precautions. This way, we build trust in each other, strengthen each other and can rely on each other even when the going gets tough. This is the basis for our self-protection against state attacks, informers and patriarchal assaults. This way we can be strong together and be dangerous to the state and fascists.

Come to the anti-patriarchal block!

The block is all-gender, for people who clearly position themselves queerfeminist and intersectional and behave accordingly (no radical feminists).

The front rows are FLINTA-only. We don’t want hetero-cis dudes mucking around!(Queer-)feminist slogans should be shouted along and not shouted down by others.

Anti-patriarchal behavior on demos means for us as well that we are attentive to collective dynamics in the block and individual actions. We use the strength of our collective consciousness to be aware of everyone around us, to support each other and to protect each other from arrests and attacks!

We are happy when people can empower themselves and give a militant expression to their anger!



² https://kontrapolis.info/6204/ „Wir genossen die Angst in seinen Augen.“ – Konfrontation eines Täters