Bad News – from around the world – episode 75

Welcome to Bad News: Angry Voices from Around The World for January of 2024. This month, we’re bringing you segments from four members of the Network of Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian radios and podcasts.

  • First up Črna luknja, anarchist radio show on Radio Student in Ljubljana, prepared an interview about the detained antifascists in Budapest and the solidarity campaign for their freedom and support. This wave of repression followed the annual antifascist counter-demonstration on the so-called “day of honour”– a fascist commemoration of the failed escape attempt by Nazi soldiers from the Red Army encirclement in 1945, also an excuse for a big international fascist gathering – in Budapest on 11th of February 2023. The hungarian police made their first arrests already on the demonstration, 14 international arrest warrants followed soon after with house searches, house arrests, extradition requests and so on, which resulted in two persons detained in Budapest since February, one arrest in germany and one in italy for now. More information on the solidarity campaign can be found on:
  • Then, you’ll hear Anya of Solidarity Zone speaking with FrequenzA about the case of Ruslan Siddiqui, an anarchist accused and imprisoned in Russia, accused of sabotage against the Russian war on Ukraine.
  • Next, The Final Straw presents a portion of our recent interview with Yuval Dag, an Israeli anarchist who served two months in prison for refusing military conscription. Yuval is a member of the anti-militarist group Mesarvot and you can find more information about them at Linktr.EE/Meaarvot
  • Finally, A-Radio Berlin shares a translation of part of an interview with a person who was involved for many years in the distribution of the clandestine magazine “radikal” back in 1980s and 1990s, which was very important for the autonomous movement of the era.

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Length: 38 minutes and 42 seconds

You can find the audio file here: