Hertz-car torched in burning solidarity with Giannis Michailidis

in the night of the 31st of may we gathered some courage and burned a Hertz-car in Leipzig. Hertz is complicit with the greek police. We did so out of solidarity and affinity to Giannis Michailidis, who is in hungerstrike since the 23rd of may.

Years of torture and of beeing locked behing bars, but the greek state still isn’t finished with Giannis. They continue to take revenge for his antagonistic and rebellious stance against this hellhole capitalist society. They want to break him. They can’t allow prisoners like Giannis to exist. Prisoners who rebel, who openly question their authority, who (successfully) try to break free.

Now is not the time to appeal to the society or your neighbourhood-council. Now is the moment to decide which side you are on! Let’s use the struggles behind bars of Giannis, of Lina E. in Germany to reignite our militant struggle against capital, the state and evereyone who aids our oppression forward.

Fire to the Prisons!

Until every cage is empty! For Anarchy!